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Geospatial tech shows increase in NO2 level over India

Pune, India: The satellite data of tropospheric pollution over Asia shows that there has been a rise in nitrogen dioxide (NO2) level over India and China. It is due to usage of more fossil fuel. At the same time, there is a decline in the level of nitrogen dioxide in Europe and US, according to Andreas Richter, senior scientist, University of Bremen, Germany. Richter was speaking at the Indo-German workshop on ‘challenges and opportunities in air pollution and climate change’ organised by the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology (IITM), Pune, India.
Richter stressed that satellite remote sensing observations are valuable tools for observation of trophospheric pollution like nitrogen dioxide, ozone, sulphur dioxide, among others.
Raghu Murtugudde, professor at University of Maryland, US, said that climate change will bring in regional weather changes like heat waves, extreme weather, temperature, humidity, precipitation and vegetation changes. On health effects due to climate change, he said that it will lead to heat-cold related to morbidity and mortality, extreme weather-related morbidity, airborne allergens and pathogens, water and food-borne diseases, zoonotic and vector-borne diseases, food and water shortage effects, infectious and other health effects.
Source: Times of India