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Geospatial tech makes outdoor advertising measurable

UK: Beacon Dodsworth, a UK-based software company; in partnership with out-of-home (OOH) research specialist Simon Cooper Associates (SCA) and TNS NIPO; developed a new self-completion web-based survey technology and research methodology.

The self-completion web survey, called TripTrax, combined with traffic modelling data, GPS processing, site classification and eye tracking studies. Handheld GPS units are also used in the methodology, to measure location and speed of travel, and determine precise co-ordinates and the method of transportation.

This new system is based on ‘Visibility Adjusted Contact’ (VAC) figures, which only count those who actually look at a panel. Traditional measures are based on Opportunity To See (OTS), which counts everybody that passes a panel regardless of whether they look at the ad.

The EUR 3 million solution was tested among respondents in 66 Dutch cities, with the addition of demographic data, exposure to other media, shopping habits, and use of public transport, to provide an understanding of the types of people who see various poster formats.

Geoff Beacon Chairman of Beacon Dodsworth, said, “This new combination of technologies has provided the breakthrough that the media sector has been waiting for. We’re delighted to have been involved in the creation of what we anticipate will become the industry standard OOH measurement throughout the world over the next few years.”

Source: www.mrweb.com