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‘Geospatial tech inspires Kenyans to take up agriculture’

Kenya: Kenyan youths embraced modern technologies (including geospatial technology) to spur innovations aimed to transform farming practices and the management of natural resources, according to a report published in Africa Science News.

The Rome-based Young Professionals` Platform on Agriculture Research for Development (YPARD) recently partnered with the Kenya-based Africa Centre for Technology Studies (ACTS) to implement a training programme on geospatial technology targeting students interested in agriculture. The participants drawn from public universities in Kenya were trained on how to use GIS, GPS and remote sensing to provide solutions to agriculture, health and environmental challenges.

Susan Moenga, one of the participants of the programme, hopes to convince small-scale farmers to undertake green house farming in the light of unpredictable weather patterns. Naomi Gichungu, an Environmental Education Student at Kenyatta University on the other hand is convinced that understanding of innovative geographic information tools and their application is crucial to solving environmental challenges. She intends to utilise skills gained on use of GIS and GPS to help farmers identify water points and other ecosystems at risk of depletion.

Ann Kingiri, the Director of Research, Africa Centre for Technology Studies, hailed the vital role of modern technologies to address food security and environmental challenges in Kenya. Kingiri stated, “These technological tools spur agricultural innovations and promote environmental conservation critical to combating hunger and poverty in the country”.

Source: Africa Science News