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Geospatial Media to be present at CES 2020

Geospatial Media & Communications, the leading research and knowledge organization for the geospatial and location industries will be participating at CES 2020 happening at Las Vegas, the USA from 7-10 January 2020.

This participation reiterates the aim and emphasis of Geospatial Media to bring the geospatial industry closer to the autonomous and robotics technologies, and expand geospatial applications in these domains.

Harsha Vardhan the lead for AI, Autonomous and Robotics will represent Geospatial Media at the CES 2020 show. He will be interacting with the autonomous technology companies specifically to understand the latest technologies and solutions addressing the mobility, smart cities, and engineering markets. Further, he will also be interacting with the new age geospatial and location technology companies exhibiting at CES 2020.

To talk to him at CES 2020, you can reach him via email at [email protected] or contact him on LinkedIn.

About Geospatial Media

Through our Media, Conferences, Market Research and Consulting offerings, we raise awareness among various stakeholders around the world about the tremendous potential of geospatial technologies. With a dedicated and experienced team and our continued focus on the geospatial industry, we have been offering high-quality products and services for over two decades.

AI autonomous and Robotics focus of Geospatial Media

Geospatial Media aims to raise awareness on AI, Autonomous and Robotics technologies, and how they can transform and also get transformed along with geospatial technologies. We aim to do this by undertaking activities that will involve education, collaboration and awareness building among the community.

The AI, Autonomous, and Robotics vertical unit at Geospatial Media will enable and engage our audience on the latest in this space through various offerings such as media, conferences and market research.

Harsha Vardhan Madiraju
Lead – AI, Autonomous and Robotics
Geospatial Media & Communications
Tel: +91-120-4612500Email: [email protected]