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Geospatial Media launches Industry Analytics Reports on Agriculture, Electricity and Buildings

February 5, 2015 Goa, India: Geospatial Media and Communications, a premier organisation striving to build the industry by connecting stakeholders who have invested in geospatial technology, released its industry analytics reports on the adoption level of geospatial technologies specifically in the Agriculture, Electricity and Building segment. The reports were released during the GeoQuest: Geospatial Media Partners Meeting in Goa today.

(From left: Sanjay Kumar (Geospatial Media and Communications), Chris Gibson (Trimble), Ed Parsons (Google), Prof. Josef Strobl (UNIGIS), Barbara Ryan (Group on Earth Observations) and Dead Angelides (Esri) releasing first edition of Industry Analytics Reports on Agriculture, Buildings and Energy by Commercial Research and Policy Advocacy of Geospatial Media and Communications division

The reports are based on interview and analysis of responses received from interactions with over 450 end users in total. With the release of the analytics reports, Geospatial Media now ventures into commercial market research segment, which will be extensively used to promote application of geospatial technologies and advocate policy reforms in order to strengthen business of geospatial industry.

On the occasion of the release of the reports, Sanjay Kumar, Chief Executive Officer of Geospatial Media and Communications said, “The evolving fabric of geospatial industry now urges technology providers and policy makers to renew their outlook and workflows in order to better tap on to the need of geospatial data consumers for enabling use of spatially-based decision support systems. At the same time, the new-age professional users of geospatial data require deeper insights into how this rapidly evolving technology domain can leverage their output and bring qualitative and quantitative value to their work. For bridging this gap between the stakeholders and to further strengthen application of geospatial data, I am pleased to announce that Geospatial Media is now venturing into commercial market research domain. These analytics will add rich value to the content of our publications, as well as make the interactions during our conferences more meaningful and impactful. Geospatial Media will conduct customer focused studies as well for user-industries, policy advocacy and those companies that fall in periphery of geospatial eco-system. We hope to continue creating value for all those concerned with geospatial data and its usage with our new initiative.”

Executive summary of the three reports can be viewed at the following links: