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Geospatial Media in strategic partnership with Hexagon

Noida, India: Geospatial Media & Communications Pvt Ltd, a leading geospatial media company, has entered into a strategic partnership with Hexagon AB, the largest geospatial technology company, for the year 2013.

Hexagon, through its flagship companies Intergraph and Leica Geosystems, and Geospatial Media are the key stakeholders of global geospatial industry. Both the companies see their positions as an opportunity to synergise their activities to raise the profile of geospatial industry, especially in emerging markets of Asia, Africa and Latin America.

As per the partnership agreement, Hexagon has decided to support, participate, contribute and sponsor the publications and conferences globally and assist Geospatial Media in raising awareness, facilitate knowledge transfer and create business development avenues for geospatial industry. While supporting Geospatial Media activities, Hexagon does recognise the value of these platforms for expanding and strengthening its brand value, thought leadership and outreach.

Through the strategic partnership, Hexagon and Geospatial Media would work together throughout 2013 to expand the horizons of geospatial industry, connect with major economic industry verticals and thereby contribute to increasing the size and volume of geospatial industry globally. The partnership would also enable both the companies to consolidate their leadership positions while simultaneously facilitating the growth of geospatial industry globally.

Appreciating Hexagon’s commitment to geospatial industry, Sanjay Kumar, CEO, Geospatial Media & Communications said, “It is very exciting to enter into strategic partnership with Hexagon for the year 2013. During my interactions with several key executives at Hexagon and its group companies, I found in them a keen interest and commitment towards investing in developing geospatial market, especially in emerging countries. This has been the foundation of this agreement. We, at Geospatial Media, believe that this relationship has provided significant value in terms of knowledge, resources, network and outreach which would motivate, enable and guide us towards undertaking our business mandate of bringing geospatial knowledge for socioeconomic development and evolution of spatial thinking.”

Exuding confidence that the partnership will enable Hexagon drive the geospatial industry forward, Juergen Dold, President, Hexagon Geosystems said, “The geospatial industry is a major focus area for Hexagon, and we are committed to bringing geospatial information to the world via technological leadership. Through our 2013 partnership with Geospatial Media, we look forward to continuing to drive the industry forward to one day empower a billion-plus people with actionable information.”

Source: Geospatial Media & Communications