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Geospatial Media conferences to go micro with industry focussed events

India, October 14, 2014: Realising the importance of empowering the major pillars of an economy with the right knowledge of aligning geospatial technology with industry specific modern business processes, Geospatial Media and Communications has taken a strategic step towards breaking down its conference based initiations into a more micro level. Further, the company has added eight new names to its illustrious list of renowned geospatial conferences organised worldwide.

Geospatial Media and Communications, being one of the leading media companies dedicated to promotion and adoption of Geospatial Technologies across various sectors of the economy, will now organise three dedicated conferences for the infrastructure sector (titled GeoBuild, GeoBIM, GeoSmart); two for power sector (titled GeoGrid and GeoElectricity); and one each in land (titled GeoLand), mining (titled GeoMining) and agriculture sector (titled GeoAgri).

The information received from the CEO’s desk of the company stated, “The world recognises the significant contribution made by Geospatial Media to the global Geospatial Community over the last 17 years through its flagship and state-of-the-art conferences such as the Geospatial World Forum, India Geospatial Forum, Asia Geospatial Forum, Africa Geospatial Forum, and many more such events which are conducted annually around the world as well as through its publications, i.e., Geospatial World Magazine and its rich online/electronic content. It is time that we dig deep into specific sectors that are potentially the supporting pillars of any economy such as land, agriculture, infrastructure, mining, manufacturing, power, etc., and create dedicated forums that provide an undiluted, undivided and dedicated focus on the challenges and opportunities that lies in these spaces.”

Source: Geospatial Media and Communications