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Geospatial Media announces European branch

The Netherlands: Geospatial Media and Communications Pvt. Ltd. announced the establishment of its European office in The Netherlands. The announcement was made by Sanjay Kumar, CEO of the company during the kick off and brochure launch of the forthcoming conference and exhibition – Geospatial World Forum 2012.

Kumar said that with a branch office in Europe, the company’s commitment to the region for developing linkages within the domain with other sectors stands firm. About the conference, he stated, “Geospatial World Forum will be a congregation of the various stake holders of geospatial domain. It is the intent of Geospatial Media & Communications to create a platform for the technology developers and researchers to network and create awareness amongst the policy makers, which will be achieved by this conference. It is also aimed to create a network between geospatial technologies with other key sectors of economy that will lead to a boost for economic growth which is strongly needed in different parts of the world. I thank all our partners and sponsors who have already confirmed their participation for the conference and are helping us bridge the gaps for creating a stronger world economy using geospatial.”

Emphasising the significant role that Netherlands plays in the geospatial sector, Drs. Th. A J Burmanje (Dorine), Chair Executive Board of the Cadaster, Land Registry and Mapping Agency (Kadaster) of The Netherlands, said, “The geospatial sector in Netherlands is worth EUR 1.5 billion with over 15,000 professionals working at various capacities in the country. This goes to prove how relevant geospatial is for Netherlands and along with its stable economy and excellent infrastructure; it is a good choice for a venue to such an important international event.”

Source: www.geospatialworldforum.org