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Geospatial Media and Trimble announce strategic partnership for 2015

Geospatial Media and Trimble announce strategic partnership for 2015NOIDA, India, October 1, 2014: Geospatial Media and Communications Pvt Ltd, the global geospatial media company, and Trimble Navigation Ltd, world leader in positioning solutions, have announced their strategic partnership for 2015.

Extending their close association for the fourth consecutive year, Trimble and Geospatial Media commit to work together throughout 2015 across different geographies to influence change in a variety of industries where spatial data is driving better decision making. Chris Gibson, Vice President of Trimble said, “Geospatial professionals are operating in a dynamic environment. Technology is constantly evolving, where continued innovation and mobility are key drivers that are changing the landscape. Today, the expectation is for a deliverable to be available in real time, in 3D and to be used in a collaborative environment in any application. Trimble recognises that the true value of spatial data is intelligence—the ability to use that intelligence to develop smart cities, better built infrastructure and impact economies.”

“Geospatial Media & Communications continues to bring together key stakeholders, drive advocacy, user engagement and key networking opportunities for Trimble as we focus on changing the way spatial data is collected, analysed and shared and on making the world a better place for everyone to live. Trimble is pleased to extend its alliance with Geospatial Media & Communications for the year 2015, and looks forward to working together to further benefit geospatial professionals, industry and society."

Sharing his thoughts about the partnership, Sanjay Kumar, CEO of Geospatial Media & Communications said, “We are delighted to have Trimble as a strategic partner for 2015 and as a sponsor of our conferences and publications. Geospatial Media has been working closely with Trimble and the extension of our relationship for 2015 demonstrates Trimble’s trust and belief in Geospatial Media’s mission and ability to serve the geospatial industry through market development, customer engagement and leadership forums. While pursuing our endeavour to serve geospatial fraternity, we stand committed to providing meaningful platforms for communication, policy advocacy, business development and field marketing. “

Source: Geospatial Media and Communications