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Geospatial Media and Geonovum to co-organise GeoBIM Europe 2014

Amsterdam: Geospatial Media and Communications announced its partnership with Geonovum to co-organise GeoBIM Europe 2014, a conference focusing on integration of geospatial and Building Information Modeling (BIM) and its pressing issues of policies, standards, and interoperability.

The conference, to be held in Amsterdam on 19–20 November 2014, will provide a platform for interchange of ideas between BIM, geospatial community and the construction and infrastructure stakeholders, including policy makers, government and public sector, infrastructure developers, construction companies/ EPC contractors, engineering companies, consultants, financial institutions and banks, project executing agencies, IT solutions providers and academic and research bodies across Europe.

“In the past year we have been interacting with the AEC industry about the integration of geospatial and BIM. The awareness is definitely increasing but there are still gaps that need to be addressed —in terms of policy, interoperability and technology availability. GeoBIM Europe would provide a platform where these two industries can meet and interact to bridge those gaps,” explained Annu Negi, Director – Europe, Geospatial Media and Communications.

Geonovum is a company funded by the government of Netherlands to work on the accessibility and integration of geo-information in public sector through standards development. The company also act as the linking-pin between policy and implementation of national geo-data infrastructures in the country.

“Geonovum currently works closely with Department of Waterways and Public Works (Rijkswaterstaat) to develop standards for BIM implementation in Netherlands. In order to get a breakthrough between BIM and geospatial integration we need to know the international standards, and how European countries can collaborate with each other so standards for BIM and geospatial can get more harmonised. This event will have European agenda of such harmonisation, and therefore could generate a European roadmap for the integration of BIM and geospatial standards,” said Rob van de Velde, Director at Geonovum.

GeoBIM is another new initiative by Geospatial Media and Communications following the establishment of its Industry Analytics Group last year. More information and updates are available at www.geo-bim.org/Europe.

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