Geospatial Media and Communications to launch GeoBuiz Live Channel and Conference

Geospatial Media and Communications to launch GeoBuiz Live Channel and Conference


US: Geospatial Media and Communications LLC. announced the launch of its new media offering GeoBuiz LIVE Channel and GeoBuiz Conference. This announcement was made at the dinner reception hosted by Geospatial Media and attended by industry colleagues and senior executives from geospatial companies and organizations across North America.

The evening was hosted by Bhanu Rekha, Managing Editor – GeoBuiz and Vice President – Media and Public Relations. According to Bhanu, "GeoBuiz channel aims to be the preferred destination for live and on-demand video content for the geospatial industry”. She further said the online channel will host a variety of video content such as live sessions and panel discussions on geospatial technology, applications and business. GeoBuiz will go live from 17 June, and it will reach out to online audience from the Americas and Europe with its Live video content.

Programs planned on GeoBuiz include:

GeoBytes – Daily News coverage from All Over the World

Policy Pulse with Kevin – Unfolding Geospatial Policies like Never Before

Industry Upbeat – Comprehensive Industry Analysis

Corner Office – Get Personal with Geospatial Leaders

Tech & Trends – Keep the Pace – Geospatial Education for All

The event also saw the launch of GeoBuiz Conference, a two-day leaders’ summit scheduled to be held from 10-11 August, 2015 at the Marriott Hotel and Conference Center in North Bethesda, Maryland.

The summit will be an engaging event for every geospatial professional associated with technology and policy development as well as geospatial implementation, education, and research. This will provide an opportunity to collectively re-define the contours and the scope of geospatial technology. GeoBuiz is a unique conference for North America as it is a multi-vendor, multi-technology and multi-stakeholder platform. The agenda of the forum encompasses:

Pre-Conference: Geospatial Agencies and Industry Exchange Forum

Keynote Sessions: Covering topics like technology innovations, policy and programs, business directions.

Seminars on user segments – Utilities, BIM, Business Analysis, Municipal and County Management

About Geospatial Media and Communications

Geospatial Media & Communications is an organisation committed to serve stakeholders of geospatial community across the world. It is committed to working towards opening a new era of industrialisation and productisation, demonstrating the value and benefits of geospatial technology and information for governance, businesses and people.

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