Geospatial Insight builds visual intelligence solutions with Williams Martini Racing

Geospatial Insight builds visual intelligence solutions with Williams Martini Racing


US: Geospatial Insight, a leader in visual intelligence derived from geospatial big-data, and Williams Martini Racing Formula One team today announced a new technology partnership. As part of the agreement, Geospatial Insight will develop innovative visual intelligence capabilities for Williams, using their expertise in geospatial intelligence, big-data analytics and machine learning.

Formula One represents the pinnacle of motorsport and is widely acknowledged as one of the world’s most technologically advanced sports. Increasingly, the teams turn to insights derived from the analysis of diverse data sources to aid technological development and improved race performance. The ability to make informed decisions on car technical development and race strategy are critical for success.

Geospatial Insight provides actionable business intelligence derived from the analysis of satellite, aerial and drone imagery, in conjunction with other datasets. They combine sophisticated data sources and advanced technologies, including machine learning, to produce evidence-based alternative data that enables their clients to make better business decisions for competitive advantage.

Through its partnership with Geospatial Insight, Williams will benefit from proprietary visual intelligence software which provides big-data analytics services, and access to dedicated machine learning resources targeting insight driven performance improvement.

Claire Williams, Deputy Team Principal at Williams Martini Racing comments:   “Geospatial Insight’s commitment to the delivery of technological innovation is a value shared by Williams. It was clear even from preliminary discussions that their capability could deliver actionable insights for us and we are excited to work with them.”

“Formula One is a data-driven sport” stated Paddy Lowe, Chief Technical Officer at Williams Martini Racing. “Geospatial Insight have deep expertise in geospatial data and focus on delivering competitive advantage through evidence-based insights.  We are delighted to be partnering with Geospatial Insight on a project that we believe represents a first in motorsport. We look forward to collaborating on new data-sets in the pursuit of technical excellence.”

Paul Fearn, CTO of Geospatial Insight said “Formula One’s hyper-competitive environment has given rise to new benchmarks in technology innovation that can be leveraged beyond motorsport. Geospatial Insight focuses on helping our customers achieve superior performance outcomes, which aligns perfectly with Williams long heritage in the pursuit of excellence through technical innovation. We’re excited to be working alongside the Williams Martini Racing Team and exploring the opportunity to jointly develop new innovative technologies for our customer base.”