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‘Geospatial information important for decision making’

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Geospatial information has become an important factor in decision-making for companies, said Tan Sri Joseph Kurup, Deputy Minister, Natural Resources and Environment (NRE), Malaysia.

He said geospatial information would help organisations manage their assets better, while enabling instant responses for time-sensitive decision making and improve the communication process across diverse agencies.

“With regard to spatially enabled government and society, spatial enablement uses the concept of place and location to organise information and its processes have many benefits in terms of improved decision making, reduced administrative costs and enhanced industry development opportunities.

“Therefore, spatial enablement as an innovator and enabler can empower governments to address issues and challenges based on comprehensive spatial information,” Kurup said at the 11th International Symposium & Exhibition on Geoinformation (ISG 2012).

He said geospatial information was part of the mainstream information economy with global players providing common user interfaces to geospatial information both at home and in the workplace.

Source: Bernama