Geospatial Information important for Airport Safety, Efficiency and Environment

Geospatial Information important for Airport Safety, Efficiency and Environment


Leuven, Belgium, November 23, 2007: At the 2nd Annual International Airport Geographic Information Systems Conference in Budapest, starting November 28, 2007, Dr. Lode Missiaen, CEO Luciad NV, will be a keynote speaker, addressing the audience on the GIS paradigm shift required to answer the challenges in future ATM (Air Traffic Monitor) and Airport Operations. Using an actual case study of an important European airport, Dr. Missiaen will explain how new high performance dynamic mapping and 4D technologies play an important part in achieving the next generation collaborative aeronautical information systems.

“In SESAR, Airports are to become an integrated part of ATM, allowing collaborative decision making, capacity planning, System Wide Information Management (SWIM) and aeronautical data modeling e.g. AIXM5”, states Dr. Missiaen. “The main task of ATM at airport level is to handle the increasing amount of air traffic in and around the airport, while at the same time guaranteeing safe distance between aircraft and compliance with environmental rules.”

Delegates at the Airport GIS conference will be presented with the main challenges any large airport is faced with today in satisfying the competing Safety, Efficiency and Environmental requirements. Modern state-of-the-art GIS plays an important role in relation to these requirements. High performance, high precision and 4D dynamic GIS are the critical components to achieve System Wide Information Systems, turning collaborative decision making into reality.

Illustrating Dr. Missiaen’s keynote address, a real-life example of an operational network-centric GIS-based information system for managing Safety, Efficiency and Environment at airport level will be presented. Finally, the importance of GIS for future developments related to RNAV and emerging standards such as AIXM V5 will be addressed.

Luciad provides open software solutions for distribution and visualizing of geographical information in networked environments. Luciad’s core product is LuciadMap, a Java toolbox of platform-independent software components that system integrators and original equipment manufactures can easily integrate into their existing systems. LuciadMap can handle large numbers of static and moving data on top of geographical information, including maps, satellite imagery, and terrain elevation in many different formats and references to achieve a high situational awareness.

Luciad also offers an end-user product, based on LuciadMap’s technology, TCPlayback, a viewing capability to play back, review, and analyze simulated or recorded air traffic data. It is a powerful, user-friendly suite that graphically replays and intuitively analyses ATC simulation results by enabling users to interactively refine the analysis process and graphically visualize the results.