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‘Geospatial info is a vital tool in policy formulation’

Jakarta, Indonesia: The chief of Indonesia’s coordinating agency for surveys and mapping, Asep Karsidi, recently revealed the organisation’s geospatial activities as part of the geospatial for the country programme that aims for the strategic use of geospatial information in government agencies.
Some of the forthcoming initiatives that the public can look forward to, according to Karsidi, include the National Geoportal, a web-based system that will help facilitate easy access to geospatial data held by the central and local government; Eco-region maps that displays information on the characteristics of particular distribution areas; Tactile maps, and the National Atlas of Indonesia.
“Geospatial information, when processed, can be used as a vital tool in policy formulation, critical decision making, and the implementation activities associated with terrestrial space,” Karsidi said.
“Once geospatial information is leveraged to its maximum potential, and when it is accurate, accountable, and is made accessible to the public it can help tremendously in spatial planning, disaster management, natural resource management, capacity building, and in the management of other resources for the greater prosperity of the entire people of Indonesia,” he added.
Source: FutureGov