Geospatial industry veteran launches Geographic Enterprises

Geospatial industry veteran launches Geographic Enterprises


Geospatial industry veteran Kent Hargesheimer has launched Geographic Enterprises, LLC (GE) with a focus on providing innovative geographic business intelligence solutions to help clients manage and grow their businesses.

“The most revolutionary things happening today are being done in certain niches and on the fringes by companies outside the traditional industry” said Hargesheimer. “True innovation in the real core of the geospatial industry has been stagnant for years. We need to evolve by fundamentally rethinking geospatial analysis and the underlying science to make it more dynamic, more like the real world.”

Hargesheimer is a professional geographer with more than a decade of experience envisioning, planning, and successfully implementing custom geospatial enterprise solutions for Fortune 500 companies like the American Automobile Association, Bank of America, BP, Clear Channel Communications, and VF Corporation, as well as the US Census Bureau.

GE is to provide geographic business intelligence solutions. GE’s long term focus is on the expanded use & evolution of geospatial technology and advancing the science to study & visualize geographic space-time relationships to support better decisions.