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‘Geospatial Industry should be called 3D Industry’

India: In an exclusive interview with Geospatial World, Ola Rollen, President and CEO, Hexagon AB, proposed, “Geospatial industry should be called as 3D industry because that is what it is all about. To be able to describe and measure reality in 3 dimensions is the future.”

Talking about futuristic technology trend, Rollen told Geospatial World that in his opinion, GIS will merge with CAD. He explained it by an example of a modern city, full of skyscrapers, where a large skyscraper catches fire. To deal with such situation, interior of the building needs to be documented so that firefighters can use them to navigate in real time to assist people. This application is what we call “Dynamic GIS” and it needs very precise modelling combined with actual motion.

About the future of Erdas products, Rollen said, “We are looking at ways to integrate Erdas Imagine into GeoMedia. We will launch the new GeoMedia version with added features and functionality of Erdas products by 2012.”

Detailed interview of Ola Rollen is coming soon right here.