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‘Geospatial industry must move towards information mobility’

Rotterdam: Point clouds and mobile devices are the future and geospatial industry must make a move towards greater information mobility, said Ted Lambo, Senior Vice President, Civil and Geospatial Global Operations, Bentley Systems, The Netherlands.

Speaking at the opening plenary of the Geospatial World Forum 2013 here on Tuesday, Lambo said information mobility adds value to all stages of the life cycle of a piece of work. “For Bentley the ‘G’ of geospatial is everywhere. It is available everywhere in the world and from every area – from bridges to roads, buildings to fields. And we have to make use of all this geospatial information at work, at the location of work and at various stages of reuse,” he added.

He pointed out that field workers were not ready to use handheld devices till a few years back, but the need for faster workflows and fewer reworks has made handheld devices an integral part of their job. Also, the increasing consumer trend towards information mobility has made companies look towards this great change. Point clouds integrated into modelling workflow and finally made available on mobile devices will drive this change.

Source: Our Correspondent

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