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Geospatial Holdings to Present at NYSSA 12th Annual Water Utility Conference on December 4th, 2008

PITTSBURGH, Nov 25, 2008 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Geospatial Holdings, Inc. (OTC BB: GSPH) announced that Mark Smith, the Company’s Chairman and CEO will participate in the New York Society of Security Analysts’ 12th Annual Water Utility Conference to be held in New York City on Thursday, December 4th, 2008.

The Conference is being held at the NYSSA offices at 1177 Avenue of the Americas, 2nd Floor, New York City. Mr. Smith is scheduled to speak at 4:20 pm.

Geospatial’s proprietary “Smart Probes” are “robotic-like” devices that travel through the pipelines carrying numerous sophisticated sensors. The Smart Probes collect 800 accurate x, y & z centerline coordinates per second as they travel through the pipeline. This data is held within the probe on a hard drive until the probe has traveled the entire length of the pipeline. At the end of the run, the Company’s proprietary software extracts this data onto a laptop. Technicians can then either download the data onsite or send the data via the Internet to the server where the data can be downloaded into various types of GIS databases and passed along to the client.

Geospatial has developed a proprietary web-based data management portal, “GEO/Underground” to organize and manage all data pertaining to pipeline location and condition assessment. This software also allows coupling of the Smart Probes with commercially available pipeline assessment tools such as ground penetrating radar, video inspection, or leak/corrosion detection technologies and integrates the acquired data directly into the GEO/Underground portal. With GEO/Underground we have the capability to create a complete geo-referenced three-dimensional map of the world’s underground infrastructure.

Mr. Smith described the GEO/Underground portal as follows, “Visualize holding a glass cube in your hand that depicts the City of New York including the actual buildings, the streets and all of the piping and tunnels below the streets. As you rotate the cube in all directions, you could examine and accurately measure the distances between any two points within the cube. This is the proprietary 3-D view of the world’s underground infrastructure presented by Geospatial through our GEO/Underground web-based portal.”

The New York Society of Security Analysts (NYSSA) has been a leading forum for the investment community since 1937. That year, a small group of security analysts decided to turn their casual lunch gatherings into a series of regular meetings. They held an organizational luncheon in a private dining room of the New York Chamber of Commerce. It was there that NYSSA was conceived, with a membership of approximately 20 analysts, including Benjamin Graham, the “father of securities analysis” and one of the most influential men in the history of finance. In September of that year, the Society held its first formal program, at which Lawrence Klybert of Alexander Eisemann & Co. spoke on “Options – Their Effect on the Market Price of Stocks.” By 1939, the Society had grown to 82 members. Today, with more than 11,000 members, NYSSA is the largest of the more than 135 societies worldwide that comprise the CFA Institute.