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‘Geospatial data is analytic super food’

US: “Geospatial movement data is something I refer to as Analytic Super Food,” observed Jeff Jonas, IBM Distinguished Engineer Chief Scientist, IBM Analytics. In an interview with Social Media Today, Jonas said, “I also think location privacy is going to become a very important debate. Knowing how someone moves day in and day out can be used for some pretty remarkable predictions e.g., what street corner you will be at next Thursday at 5:57pm. I have already blogged about this in detail.”

During the interview Jonas explained how Spear Phishing can target location data. He said, “If your Facebook page has a map with a pin in it about what country you are going to next, that information would sharpens one message – whether that be a travel recommendation and link generated by a spear phisher or a bona fide hotel ad. My definition of context is better understanding something by taking into account the things around it. More context improves understanding and estimation; something both needle in haystack and overall market statistics benefit from.”

Elaborating how big data and analysis have become faster, Jonas recommended to watch the video of Hans Rosling‘ presentation where he explores stats using augmented reality animation.

Source: smartdatacollective.com