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Geospatial Corporation’s Smart Probe maps underground assets

US: Geospatial Corporation, using its Smart Probe, has accurately mapped two new natural gas pipelines, recently installed under multiple waterways of Lake Lewisville and Copperas Branch in Texas, just outside of Dallas.

Geospatial Corporation offered accurate three dimensional pipeline mapping utilizing its proprietary system Smart Probe. The probe allows the company to map various types of conduits and pipelines, regardless of material (metallic or non-metallic), depth or size. Not requiring any data tether or any communication with the surface, it is ideal for mapping very deep pipelines under water.

The first section of pipeline in Texas measured roughly 2100-feet with a maximum depth of approximately 80-feet. The second section measured roughly 5,600-feet with a depth of more than 120-feet. Upon completing data-collection, Geospatial was able to verify consistency of the mapping results. It reported the findings via its cloud platform GeoUnderground for effective and adaptable use of the deliverable.

Mark Smith, Geospatial's CEO stated, "Geospatial now has the technologies to map most underground and underwater pipelines. Our growing data acquisition technologies, our continued enhancements to GeoUnderground, and the industry's rapid acceptance of cloud based information management platforms, positions Geospatial to emerge as a key player within the underground infrastructure management industry."

Source: PowerEngineering