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Geospatial at the core of IBM’s future strategy

Australia: Geospatial integration is at the core of IBM’s future strategy, observed Francisco Urbina, Esri Australia Business Manager. IBM Pulse conference in Sydney, Urbina stated that IBM’s recent move to ‘geo-enable’ some of its core technology platforms signalled a new era of geographic-based intelligence for Australian business.

Urbina referred to comments by IBM Vice President Steve Mills this year that geospatial integration was a core part of the software giant’s future strategy. “It is incredibly significant that one of the world’s largest IT companies has thrown its weight behind the value of geography in business,” Urbina said.  

“IBM doesn’t follow international business trends, it drives them – and their position reflects a growing trend among the world’s biggest companies towards geo-enabling their business systems by integrating their asset management and GIS technology platforms. In fact, there has been such a significant uptake of this approach globally that IBM have developed new software platforms that seamlessly integrate with Esri GIS technology.”

“Locally, we’re seeing organisations, such as Northern Territory Power and Water, embrace these integrated technologies to geo-enable their systems.”

Urbina added, “One client used our GIS technology to transform their IBM system into a powerful visualisation tool – which helped them reduce their labour costs by more than USD 1.8 million per year.”

Source: Esri Australia