Geospatial Act for creating database in Malaysia

Geospatial Act for creating database in Malaysia


Putrajaya, Malaysia: The Natural Resource and Environment Ministry, Malaysia, is drafting a Geospatial Act to create a sophisticated and accessible geospatial database. The geospatial database would comprise geographical information presently owned by agencies, departments and the various states, according to Minister Datuk Seri Douglas Unggah Embas.

Unggah said, “The ministry was studying suitability of models used by other countries before it could be adapted locally. The database can be used to monitor disasters like floods, earthquakes excavation activities across the country.”

He expected the draft act to be ready by December and to be tabled at the Cabinet meeting by the middle of next year. Further, he added that the sharing of geospatial database was important to avoid duplication in the collection of data, thus saving money which could used for critical projects. Formulation of the policy and act should be given priority with focus on data secrecy, security, custodianship, sharing, integration, dissemination and standards.

Source: My Sinchew