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Geosparc unveils Geomajas 1.7 at Foss4G

Barcelona, Spain: Geosparc unveiled its GIS application framework at Foss4G. The application, Geomajas 1.7, aims to build web-based and scalable GIS solutions. It has a mechanism that fully supports plug-ins from third parties. A company or a developer can develop, add, remove or upgrade a specific functionality for Geomajas and simply plug it into the framework. The support for plug-ins relieves the users from having to upgrade the whole application framework.

Meanwhile, Geosparc announced the immediate availability of 10 plug-ins ranging from a Printing plug-in over an OpenStreetMap Layer plug-in to a WMS Layer plug-in. The full list of, ever increasing, plug-ins is available at www.geosparc.com/plugins.

Besides the plug-in mechanism, three important improvements come with this new release:
– A full provenance review has been done. A code provenance review reduces the risk of the project developers or software users becoming involved in a legal action or having their use of the software disrupted by sudden removal of improperly contributed code. In particular, many enterprises will not build on open-source software projects without some degree of assurance that care is being taken to avoid improper contributions. In Geomajas, this has now been completed.
– An improved usability of the configuration. Some of the magic parts in the configuration have now been made more understandable, intelligent and easier to use.
– As Geomajas is good software for Rapid Application Development (RAD) a tool is introduced to quickly establish a project skeleton.

Source: Geosparc