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Geosoft releases subsurface 3D viewer in Target for ArcGIS

Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 8 May 2006 – Geosoft, a provider of geospatial software for earth sciences industries, announced an important update to its Target for ArcGIS software – a 3D subsurface viewer. This enhancement to Target for ArcGIS will enable geologists to quickly visualize surfaces, drill holes, sections, grids, geophysical models and voxels – in 3D – within ESRI’s ArcView environment. A critically-important addition to the advanced 2D gridding, contouring, and drillhole mapping tools already available in Target for ArcGIS, this update will make 3D visualization the standard for day-to-day analysis of multidisciplinary data.

The new subsurface 3D viewer in Target for ArcGIS can interactively zoom, pan, rotate, slice and otherwise manipulate 3D views of drill holes and geophysical models represented by 2D grids, Surpac STR or DTM and Datamine Wireframe models. It is compatible with major mine-planning formats, allowing users to easily update, modify or enhance data, or import commonly-used data models such as ASCII XYZ, GoCAD voxets, UBC datasets and now Datamine block model support. In addition, users can create vertically- or horizontally-exaggerated perspectives to provide clearer views of widely-spaced data.