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GeoServer 1.3.2 released

5 July2006: The GeoServer Project has announced the release of version 1.3.2. Improvements for this release include an upgrade to GeoTools 2.2.x, and some performance tuning on the toolkit, with users reporting at least a 60-70% speed increase against PostGIS. There are also user contributed fixes to create PDF maps from WMS and to adjust headers to allow caching, which can optimize GeoServer for tiling web mapping clients like Google Maps or OpenLayers.

The other improvements were supported by Google, in order to leverage GeoServer’s data reading and map producing capabilities to allow anyone to make their existing data available on Google Earth. The bulk of the work was to create KML/KMZ output from the open WMS standard, which is compatible with Google’s network link. Also funded was a basic SLD creation wizard, so that basic map styles can be created through the web administration GUI. There is also a built in KML reflector, making it very easy to connect GeoServer to Google Earth.

GeoServer supports PostGIS, ArcSDE, Oracle Spatial, DB2, and Shapefiles and recent improvements with GeoTools 2.2.x pass the majority of the spatial processing back to the database. There is also a KMScore optimization, which has GeoServer render the features as a raster to be used as a Ground Overlay, for situations when there are too many features for Google Earth to efficiently portray.