Geosemble awarded NSF GeoPrism grant

Geosemble awarded NSF GeoPrism grant


El Segundo, USA, September 11, 2007: Geosemble Technologies, Inc. has won a phase 1 grant from the National Science Foundation for the application of satellite image and map fusion technologies to its GeoPrism system of Direct Marketing.

As part of the program, Geosemble Technologies, in collaboration with the University of Southern California, will build upon its work in map fusion and imagery analysis to automatically extract image data from satellite imagery, link it to property address data, then cross reference with open source online data to extract highly targeted marketing leads of interest to a range of manufacturers and service providers.

Supported by the National Science Foundation, Geosemble Technologies will leverage three key technologies in carrying out the GeoPrism program. First, the company has developed machine-learning techniques for Automatic Feature Extraction of satellite imagery, allowing GeoPrism to “understand” and classify what it is seeing. Second, the company has patented its Digital Rubber Sheeting technique, creating the capability for GeoPrism to take the images it has classified and automatically link them to address and location data. Finally, Geosemble will apply its Online Data Extraction agent technology to find and apply information from publicly available “deep web” sources. As a result, GeoPrism will automatically deliver a complete package of images, their locations, and information linked to those images from the web.

Using these techniques, GeoPrism can be adjusted to see various objects of interest and then can generate highly refined, extremely targeted marketing leads for a range of users, including manufacturers and service providers seeking to both maintain existing residential property and associated equipment and boundaries, as well as those looking to fill open spaces with various structures and outdoor products.