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Geoscape International introduces “Geoscape Intelligence System”

Geoscape International has introduced the first-ever “web-gateway” to multicultural market intelligence. Called the “Geoscape Intelligence System” or GIS, the system combines detailed and up-to-date demographic, economic, consumer spending and media usage data plus targeted consumer and business lists with easy-to-navigate online analysis and visualization functions. Strategic and tactical business planners can now unleash a wealth of data to fuel business decisions directly from a web browser.
GIS is subscription-based and can be utilized from a standard web browser without the need for a “plug-in” download. This system combines functions previously provided through CD and server-based software known as “Marketscape” and “DirecTarget”, plus new modules such as the Multi-dimensional data browser, the Retail Target and Media Target Analyzer, a prospect List Gateway, the DataPrep Engine and Multinational Geocoder–together they can be used to perform a variety of exploratory, analytic and data processing tasks.

A wealth of census data is immediately accessible in the form of geographic maps, charts and dynamic reports. Geoscape plans to release its 2003/2008 DataStream later this year, adding accuracy and depth to the Department of Commerce statistics. The List Gateway(TM) provides access to extensive consumer and business lists with the aid of a detailed set of queries for performing counts and immediate downloads.

Members of The Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies (AHAA) are among the growing number of GIS subscribers. According to Ingrid Otero Smart, president of the Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies (AHAA), and president of Mendoza, Dillon and Associates advertising agency, “Hispanics and other cultural segments are where the action is today. The Geoscape(R) system will provide our agencies with top-of-the-line analytics in a very approachable fashion”. AHAA has struck a deal with Geoscape to make the system available to agency and associate members through special licensing terms.