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GeoSage releases Spectral Transformer B742B321

Sydney, Australia, 02 May 2007: GeoSage announced the release Spectral Transformer B742B321, a tool for producing high-quality, natural-color imagery (equivalent to Landsat bands 3/2/1) from pan-sharpened, false-color Landsat bands 7/4/2 at 14.25m resolution in NASA GeoCover series.

Medium-resolution, natural-color Landsat imagery is best suited mapping layer for observing land covers in major virtual globes such as Google Earth and Microsoft Virtual Earth. The input for such global Landsat imagery is the enduring GeoCover Landsat series, which is now publicly available in many forms.

Spectral Transformer B742B321 uses pan-sharpened, false-color Landsat bands 7/4/2 as inputs. Both individual scenes and mosaic tiles are acceptable. For un-stretched individual scenes with full dynamic ranges, Spectral Transformer B742B321 includes an intelligent and highly-efficient image stretching option; for mosaic tiles with color balancing already applied, B742B321 is equipped with a number of color templates during false-to-true colour simulations. Processed natural color, full-scene images at 14.25m resolution for the following ten worldwide cities are available at GeoSage website, for evaluation and non-commercial uses: Vancouver, San Francisco, New Orleans, New York, Washington D.C, Paris, Jerusalem, Kuala Lumpur, Seoul, Tokyo.

GeoSage is a developer in image fusion and spectral transformation analysis. Its easy-to-use image pan-sharpening software HighView has been licensed by companies, agencies and universities in more than 20 countries. For more information visit GeoSage website at https://www.geosage.com