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Georgia Power selects Avineon to migrate distribution system data

Virginia, USA, 23 May 2006: Avineon, Inc., a provider of IT, engineering, geospatial and programme management services, announced on May 23 that Georgia Power, a subsidiary of Southern Company, has selected Avineon to migrate electrical distribution system data to form an Enterprise GIS. The new Enterprise GIS will leverage common business requirements, centralized information technology architecture and collaborative utility company investments, allowing Southern Company as a whole to improve customer service, cost containment and profitability.

Electrical distribution data including substations, circuits and associated streetlight and secondary distribution data is currently maintained in approximately 110,000 AutoCAD files. Avineon is supporting Georgia Power’s migration of primary and secondary electrical distribution data from its AM/C AutoCAD files to the new Enterprise ESRI SDE/Oracle Geodatabase. Implementing an Enterprise GIS will allow Georgia Power to streamline all activities related to the design, construction and maintenance of its distribution facilities, including outage management and customer service.

Migration of the existing data requires detailed mapping and rules definitions to successfully build the desired electrical network model in ArcGIS. To perform the migration, Avineon will use internally developed custom tools that overlay ESRI core technology and have been developed over several years to balance the requirements of flexibility and speed while maintaining high data quality. The flexibility of the Avineon software allows for trapping, and in many cases correcting, discrepancies of data formats and values that often exist within previous generations of AM/FM data sets.