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George Mason University Selected as Recipient of Intergraph Geospatial Software Global Education Grant

HUNTSVILLE, Ala., Nov. 19, 2008 – George Mason University (GMU) has been awarded an Intergraph® Global Education Grant in support of United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation’s (USGIF) prestigious GEOINT accreditation. Intergraph’s Global Education Grant program advances collaboration between academic and commercial communities to promote the role of geospatial technology in today’s society.

As a result of this grant, students enrolled in GMU’s Geospatial Intelligence Graduate Certificate program will utilize Intergraph’s geospatial production and exploitation software as part of their core curriculum. Defense and intelligence agencies around the world rely on Intergraph’s geospatial intelligence production solution to create robust digital and hardcopy intelligence products. Intergraph’s exploitation suite allows agencies to organize, pre-process, manage, and integrate geospatial data for advanced image exploitation and geospatial intelligence fusion.

GMU is one of three universities thus far recognized by the USGIF that fulfill the organization’s strict GEOINT learning objectives in support of promoting the geointelligence tradecraft.

“With strong expertise in geoinformatics, ranging from remote sensing and geographic information science to digital image analysis and sensor networks, George Mason is uniquely positioned to offer a world-leading certificate program in geospatial intelligence,” said Anthony Stefanidis, Ph.D., academic director and associate professor, Department of Earth Systems and Geoinformation Sciences at GMU. “Intergraph’s geospatial production and exploitation software, combined with the expertise of our staff, create an excellent learning environment to ensure our students are poised to meet the challenges of constantly evolving geospatial intelligence situations.”

“Our Geospatial Intelligence Accreditation and Certificate Program ensures that students studying within these accredited programs obtain the broad set of technical and analytical skills necessary to embark upon a successful career in the fast-growing geospatial intelligence field,” said USGIF President Keith J. Masback. “We commend Intergraph for providing George Mason’s students with another tool with which they can further their education. We also encourage other colleges and universities to take advantage of this unique opportunity to provide their students with enhanced GEOINT tradecraft educational offerings. Upon completion of these programs, students will find themselves in high demand, with a distinct competitive advantage when looking for meaningful employment in our Community.”

“Intergraph’s Global Education Grant program strives to ensure that the geospatial intelligence professionals of tomorrow are well-versed in the latest technologies, and we are honored to support George Mason University’s efforts in providing its students with fundamental knowledge on geospatial intelligence,” said John K. Graham, Intergraph Security, Government & Infrastructure division president.

In addition to the company’s Geospatial Production and Exploitation Software Grant, which is exclusively available to universities that have obtained USGIF GEOINT accreditation, Intergraph offers a complete range of geospatial and enterprise engineering education grants. Nearly 400 universities and academic organizations, as well as professional industry groups and associations worldwide, participate in the Intergraph Education Grant and Registered Research Laboratory programs for qualified universities, laboratories, and institutions of higher education.