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Geopozition is now an Inpho seller

Geopozition pvt Ltd, an Australian company in geospatial services has been given the go for representing Inpho Gmbh (Stuttgart, Germany) in the Austrasian and Pacific region.

Inpho is a R&D company that offers since 1980 world-class products for numerical and digital photogrammetry.Software modules such as MATCH-T, MATCH-AT, SCOP and PAT are the software running on worldwide installed systems for mapping applications.

Inpho provide a wide range of products for the spatial industry, from aerial digital cameras over orthophoto generation up to Internet technology based image visualization.

Geopozition will market Inpho’s products in the region by emphasizing on Inhpo’s long track of success in producing outstanding solutions for photogrammetry and other geo-disciplines.