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GeoNova, Maps.com to print Wallzilla adhesive wall maps

Santa Barbara, CA, USA– Maps.com, the online store announced that GeoNova Publishing, Inc., a supplier of a broad range of maps combining digital cartography with innovative features and formats, are now available with a unique re-useable adhesive format, exclusively offered by Maps.com.

“We are delighted to offer GeoNova maps in the new Wallzilla format” announced Rob Burns, Marketing Director at Maps.com. “This is a significant extension to the range of products we offer and adds content that is visually impressive and innovative.”

Wallzilla adhesive maps are unique, because of their adhesive backing, which enables them to be removed and reused many times without losing adhesion or damaging the surface they are mounted on. The maps are convenient to display as they will attach to almost any surface and do not require rails, hooks, pins, screws, tape or glue.