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Geonix maps out the future with Maporama

Geonix Technology Ltd, a telematics company specialising in systems for tracking and monitoring vehicles operating internationally or in remote areas, has announced that it has selected Maporama, the provider of location-centric solutions, to provide advanced mapping technology for its fleet tracking applications. Jon Richings, chief executive officer of Geonix, said: This agreement is exciting for Geonix. The high quality of Maporama’s web-based road and street maps across the international and remote territories for which BlackCat is designed are a natural fit, guaranteeing our customers the highest quality of service across an unmatched array of countries. BlackCat uses satellite communications to enable fleet operators to keep complete track of vehicles and their cargo, even when they move into areas with unreliable or no GSM coverage. Thanks to the integration of Maporama’s location-centric technology with Geonix’s products, operators can be alerted when vehicles leave predetermined areas, monitor the use of vehicles outside their usual operating areas, and be alerted when vehicle doors are opened.

The rugged BlackCat ‘black box’ is mounted discreetly in the vehicle tractor or trailer and is linked to a website via the proven and cost effective Thuraya satellite network to provide communications and tracking data on the vehicle’s position – both in real time and historically. Authorised users can view the resulting information via the web from any location. Integrating the location-centric solutions with Geonix’s advanced tracking and monitoring applications gives rise to the market’s most innovative and powerful international vehicle tracking products