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September 9, 2002 – GeoMicro has announced that AltaMap Version 4.0, is now available. AltaMap is a suite of Internet and Desktop mapping applications. Independent third party benchmarks of GIS map servers have constantly demonstrated AltaMap to be the fastest map rendering and spatial query engine. When combined with AltaMap GeoCoding and Routing extensions, AltaMap is the ideal platform for asset tracking as well location based services applications.

AltaMap 4.0 adds a National Routing Engine that provides turn-by-turn driving directions with user defined route preferences and the option to integrate real time traffic information. The AltaMap Routing Engine currently supports the NavTech Premium Street Database. The AltaMap GeoCoding engine also supports the same street database. This level of integration between mapping components eliminates a common source of errors on popular mapping sites. Due to the fact that most sites use a GeoCoding solution from one vendor and a routing solution from another, routes don’t always start or end exactly where they are should, even when the GeoCoding matches are exact. The integration of the routing engine as well as the GeoCoding engine on top of the same street database eliminates this common source of error.