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GeoMedia Web Mapping Solutions Create Unlimited Possibilities for Web-based GIS

Intergraph Mapping and GIS Solutions is offering a free 60-day evaluation trial of GeoMedia® WebMap. GIS professionals can learn how GeoMedia’s industry-proven Web mapping technology creates unlimited possibilities to use and analyze geospatial information and share data enterprisewide. Visitors to the site can experience GeoMedia Web mapping in action. Interactive demonstrations show how GeoMedia WebMap can create a powerful Web site that integrates disparate data sources into a single map. Visitors will also find useful information to support their evaluation experience, including customer implementation stories, technology news, a customer gallery, and more. For example, the customer gallery shows several Web mapping implementations from various industries. Intergraph’s Web-based GIS products are used by small to large customers who publish geospatial information for a variety of innovative applications – on a company intranet or on the Internet for the general public. Also featured is a special supplement focused on the GeoMedia technology advantages: flexibility, interoperability, and scalability. The supplement, as well as product information, is available for downloading.
GeoMedia enables users to access, view, and manipulate data files in their native formats without conversion or translation. GeoMedia is interoperable with more than a dozen data sources including Oracle®, Microsoft®, ArcInfo, MicroStation®, MGE, and MapInfo. GeoMedia’s Web mapping products are open, highly productive solutions that provide uncompromising value to customers. Their powerful Web-based map visualization tools offer real-time links to GIS data warehouses and provide analysis capabilities for exploiting an organization’s valuable geospatial data anytime, anywhere. And users do not have to be GIS experts to take advantage of the intuitive, easy-to-use capabilities these products offer.