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GeoMedia Technology to manage and support Mineta San Jose International Airport

Intergraph Mapping and GIS Solutions has announced that the Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport (SJC) has chosen Intergraph’s GeoMedia(R) technology to help manage and support the unique assets and operational functions of the SJC. They are transitioning from a MicroStation-based CAD environment to a fully functional geographic information system (GIS) using GeoMedia, GeoMedia WebMap, and an Oracle Spatial database.

Once all existing SJC map elements are merged into a GIS environment utilizing GeoMedia technology, airport personnel will be able to read several different GIS formats and re-project datasets on the fly. This system will provide intranet access to a computer-based system built on GeoMedia WebMap and will give greater access to all airport mapping data. The implementation of this program will enable storage, organization, retrieval, manipulation, and graphical visualization and presentation of all airport drawings, documents, and spatially referenced asset information.

The airport’s GIS program will focus on serving three main areas, spatial data maintenance, business application development, and seamless integration of divisions using Web technology. Spatial data maintenance is an ongoing challenge at SJC because of major airport expansion projects. It is imperative that GIS staff are able to accurately capture features before, during, and after construction changes occur. Business applications will be designed for the specific needs of each airport division and will include property management, security and life safety systems, utility management, ground transportation, planning/environment, and facilities management. Finally, GeoMedia WebMap will deliver maps, imagery, and data to all airport employees using the SJC intranet.