Geomatic deal clinched in France

Geomatic deal clinched in France


France: The French defense procurement agency DGA has awarded a UD 35 million contract to EADS Defense & Security and Thales to produce and support two sets of deployable geographic modules.

EADS DS, as a prime contractor in cooperation with Thales, will develop the module for the 28th Geographic Group of the French army. The modules will allow the updating of field maps through a single cartographic access point by troops deployed on a mission or in the field. It will complement the 3-D digital geographical data program developed in France for mass production of geographical information.

Similarly, the module will supply specialised support for decision-making by senior commanding generals. Several autonomous modules can be deployed to different locations in an area of operation. They will collect geographical information that will be synchronised and verified to produce fully updated maps.

Source: Space Daily