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GeoMarketing software DISTRICT 10 wins innovation award

30 April 2007: DISTRICT 10 software from GfkGeoMarketing has been awarded a prize for innovation in the category business intelligence by “Initiative Mittelstand” at this year´s IT-fair CeBIT. In the category of Business Intelligence Solutions, DISTRICT 10 came out ahead of numerous competitors with its new territory planning functions and its unique overall scope with the inclusion of maps and market data such as GfK Purchasing Power.

RegioGraph and DISTRICT are the leading GeoMarketing software programs in Germany. They are specialized softwares for presenting and analyzing company data on digital maps. The programs are used by companies across all branches to optimize their market development from a regional perspective. With its concentration on analysis tools, RegioGraph is oriented towards use in marketing and controlling activities. DISTRICT features the same range of functions as well as special additional functions for planning sales territories.

The new version 10 offers many innovations plus functions and components that are unique on the market. In addition to software assistants for data import, analysis and territory planning, there are over 100 analysis and presentation methods. Territory planning functions feature infrastructure data that automatically calculates the accessibility of territories or locations. In addition, in the German version RegioGraph 10 and DISTRICT 10 also contain the original GfK Purchasing Power for all municipalities and postal codes for Germany, Austria and Switzerland as well as the latest digital maps for all three countries.

Other European language versions will contain corresponding market data and maps. The English-language version as well as additional languages will be available in the next few months. There was a record number of orders already before sales began, and now delivery is in full swing. In the first weeks of sales more than 2,000 software packages of RegioGraph 10 or DISTRICT 10 were delivered to customers. For more information on RegioGraph 10 and DISTRICT 10 please visit www.gfk-geomarketing.com