GeoLytics offers new Business Demographics 2005

GeoLytics offers new Business Demographics 2005


GeoLytics, US, the providers of demographic and geographic data, introduces its latest database – Business Demographics 2005.

With Business Demographics 2005, the most recent business and population data, coupled with easy exports and built-in mapping software for mapping trends and business markets is made available.

The data in Business Demographics 2005 is from the most up-to-date, trusted sources and includes 2003 Industry Data, 2005 Population Estimates, 2005 Consumer Expenditures, 2010 Population Projections, and the 2000 Population Census. Data is available for the nation, state, county, and zip code. It is easily exportable for use in one’s own spreadsheets, statistical programs, or mapping software.

The 2003 Industry Data is from the US Department of Commerce, 2003 County and Zip Code Business Patterns database and includes industry NAICS codes. The 2005 Estimates and 2010 Projections are estimated datasets derived from the US Census Bureaus 2000 Census data, as well its annual county and state population estimates. The 2005 Consumer Expenditures gives the household spending patterns based on the Consumer Expenditure Survey. These data are provided by Easy Analytics Software, Inc. The Census 2000 dataset is from the US Census Bureau 2000 Long Form (SF3).