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Geological survey published first ever map of Sindh

Pakistan: The Geological Survey of Pakistan (GSP) published the first ever geological map of Sindh on a 1:600,000 scale. The publication includes a Seismic Zonation Map of Sindh, Mineral Map of Sindh and Seismo-Tectonic Setting of the province. The map includes all the exposed geological formations from the Proterozoic age to recent times. GSP believed this achievement would demonstrate to foreign investors, the tremendous mineral wealth, of coal, oil and gas.

Since the discovery of Thar coalfield by GSP in 1992, several areas of Sindh had attained a significant importance in their stratigraphic settings and potential of natural resources. A reliable data base was a pre-requisite to attract investment in the mineral sector. It was quite difficult in the past to have quick and easy access to these sources of information, mainly because of the absence of a reliable database.

After GSP’s monumental achievement, the problem had been resolved to a certain extent.

It was hoped that the publication of the Geological Map of Sindh would open up several new vistas for the exploration of oil, gas and various mineral commodities, along with the provision of basic geological information, to be utilised for planning and the implementation of mega development and infrastructure projects.

Source: Pakistan Today