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Geological map of Angola to help miners

Angola: The government of Angola will create a geological map of the country in order to better serve mining companies, including diamond companies.

The Diamond Intelligence quoted Angolan Minister of Geology and Mining Francisco Queiros as saying that upon completion of the map of the country”s mineral reserves, the government would fund an advertising campaign to apprise mining firms of geological information.

Once mining companies expressed interest, the Angola Geologic Institute and the country”s Department of Licensing and Registration would be responsible for processing their applications to prospect and explore for rough diamonds and other minerals, said Queiros.

Statistics collected by the Kimberley Process” reveal that 8.3 million carats of diamonds were harvested in Angola last year, and these were values at approximately USd 1.16 billion, according to Diamond Intelligence. In the same year, Angola exported 8.6 million carats of rough diamonds, earning USD 1.15 billion.

Source: Israeli Diamond