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GeoLab 2001 sale prices announced

Microsearch Corp has announced special sale prices for the world-renowned software package GeoLab. GeoLab is used in most countries around the world for survey network adjustments of any combination of GPS and conventional measurements. You can review the sale prices for both upgrades and new licenses at

Microsearch GeoLab is a Windows program that calculates coordinates of survey points (e.g. property corners, survey traverses, geodetic networks, etc). The calculations use survey measurements (e.g. angles, distances, GPS measurements, etc) to calculate the best values for the coordinates of all points as well as statistical quality measures. Microsearch GeoLab uses the least squares technique for calculating the coordinates of any number of points, and can handle any number of measurements.

Since 1985 GeoLab has been the world-leading program for performing these types of calculations. It is used in many countries around the world by government agencies, commercial businesses, and educational institutions. The name “GeoLab” is derived from the words “Geodetic Laboratory”, because it performs many types of calculations in support of its main functions.

The primary function of GeoLab is to provide an intuitive environment for easily performing least squares adjustments of survey networks of measurements, final adjusted coordinates, and a detailed statistical evaluation of the quality of the measurements and coordinates. GeoLab supports conventional survey measurements (angles, distances, etc.), as well as GPS coordinate and coordinate difference measurements, and provides powerful tools for using geoids and for performing many types of coordinate transformations.