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GEOkomm to facilitate innovation among SMEs

Germany: GEOkomm, the association of the geospatial industry in Germany, has introduced the project INGEOS (innovative geospatial services) to facilitate and accelerate research & development among small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the country.

SMEs in Germany interested in R&D for innovations often face several technical problems. A high-risk development intention for research is not often sufficient; a concrete order is a must. Sometimes a company financing research projects receives information on detailed technical problems of an enterprise or agency that are worth taking the risk. GEOkomm is supporting these intentions through its project INGEOS that is based on cloud computing with in-memory technology. INGEOS is an innovation project for SMEs funded by the Federal Ministry of Economy. Tests with SAP have found that the in-memory technology accelerates standard processes by up to factor 100,000.

GEOkomm is extending its offering to all geospatial industry SMEs interested in R&D in any kind of spatial services and in any kind of time-critical thematic issue or enterprises and public agencies with problems in long term processes that they want to slash.

Source: GEOkomm