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Geojournalism takes off in Asia with Ekuatorial website

Screenshot of Ekuatorial website

Indonesia: Journalists continue to embrace mapping and online technologies to report local news to a global audience within context. Keeping this in mind the Society of Indonesian Environmental Journalists (SIEJ) in collaboration with the Earth Journalism Network has launched the Ekuatorial site in Indonesia.

The new site provides easy to interpret, up-to-date, and sharable maps about Indonesia’s oceans, forests, and natural disasters overlaid with stories contributed by member journalists from the SIEJ and partner media houses. Among the new strategies Ekuatorial applies is integration with SIEJ’s nationwide network of environmental journalists. With Ekuatorial, priority has been given to stories from local media houses in areas closest to major environmental changes, enabling journalists to share breaking environmental news between media houses and providing local perspectives to international audiences.

The ability to amplify on-the-ground information has become a trademark of GeoJournalism projects since published stories are location specific and often come from remote areas that may be outside mainstream attention.

Source: Internews