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GeoInfo offers online geospatial info in Hong Kong

Hong Kong: A new government web map portal, GeoInfo Map, has been launched to provide online geospatial information services. It allows users to search for locations and facilities in Hong Kong and obtain geospatial information contributed by government departments. Users can toggle views using the detailed maps and photo maps provided by the Land Department.

Geospatial information available includes mobile network coverage in country parks, locations of hiking trails, cycling tracks, barbecue sites, government offices, leisure, cultural and sports facilities, schools, libraries and hospitals, as well as geo-tagged photos.

The portal provides a variety of functions and tools to enhance the map viewing and searching experience. Users can use the intelligent search function by entering a search phrase in the search bar. They can plan outdoor activities using GeoInfo Map which supports GPS and Universal Transverse Mercator co-ordinate searches.

Source: news.gov.uk