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GeoImmersive Video software captures Europe’s major cities

Alberta, Canada, 10 May 2007: Immersive Media announced the continued expansion of its GeoImmersive City Data project into Europe’s major cities. TX Immersive Ltd. will be heading the initiative in capturing 360 degree georeferenced spherical video of major metropolitan areas throughout Europe including downtown cores, key points of interest, major intersections and critical infrastructure.

Immersive Media is using eleven video streams arranged according to geodesic geometry, which captures video of a complete spherical image; a high-resolution 360 degree view of the area and the successive strips will be stitched together. IMC’s immersive movies integrate GIS coordinates and other metadata producing GeoImmersive’s video.

About Immersive Media Corporation:
IMC’s offerings include hardware, software, camera and other services. The products from IMC’ are being used in applications such as urban planning, oil and gas resource management, emergency response etc.