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GeoGraphs systems corporation announces the release of Geo-Colors

Aug 18, 2002 GeoGraphs Systems Corporation has announced the release of Geo-Colors. An affordable Map Publishing Tool without a Map Server to integrate Intelligent, eye-pleasing Maps into Internet Applications. The new Software does not require a Map Server to publish Maps. Geo-Colors exports Shape, MID/MIF, or apr Project Documents to Scalable Vector Graphics format (SVG), ready to Internet Publishing.

Geo-Colors is an innovative solution to enter in the realm of XML-based technologies where maps truly become interactive, eyes pleasing without loosing any of their original attributes or accuracy. The system is based on a C++ API that translates the user’s Maps to a SVG File. This SVG Files contains SVG, JavaScript, and XML codes. This file can be embedded in a HTML Document.

The software is not addressed only to the GIS/IT professionals only, but to any one who have some knowledge of HTML. This by itself will open the GIS Market to new users and clients.

SVG as an eXtented Markup Language (XML) language presents vector data on the web, SVG is text-based, platform independent and non-proprietary. This open standard has been developed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), which is seconded by many notable software groups and scientific communities around the globe (Microsoft, Netscape, Adobe, Sun, IBM, etc.).

The system is data driven; it converts a Mapping File, to a full internet system, ready for distribution to clients, or to publish as part of the web site of the organization. The translated system is not static one, but it comes equipped with different functions and utilities, to zoom, pan, edit cartographic elements and texts. As for analyses, and data visualization the system is delivered with functions and routines for regular queries, tool tips info, thematic analyses, and Searching. It is a Geographic Information System inside an Internet browser.

The system is a breakthrough, as it permits regular user and developer to integrate mapping into their Internet applications with ease and simplicity.

The SVG System is now available in English only, but work is in progress for French, German, and Spanish for release in the fourth Quarter 2002.

There is no royalties, or fees charged more than the price of the software. The software price is under US$200 for personal single copy, price for institutions and corporation are higher. A restricted trial version is available free of charge for download at: . GeoGraphs supplies USA Maps and Data at a very affordable price.