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GeoGraphs announces the release of GeoFlash ActionScript Extension

GeoGraphs Corporation announced the release of the GeoFlash ActionScript Extension (ASE) for Macromedia and GIS Developers. GeoFlash ASE is an add on to the GeoFlash Software created by GeoGraphs. GeoFlash is a Map Publishing Tool that integrates intelligent, eye-pleasing maps into Internet Applications. The new Software does not require a Map Server to publish maps. GeoFlash exports Shape, MID/MIF, or APR Project Documents to vector binary compact Flash Format for Macromedia and for Internet Publishing. There are two versions of GeoFlash, GeoFlash and GeoFlash Pro. The system is based on a C++ API that translates the user’s Maps to a multiple SWF files, and one or two HTML pages that are ready to link to any developers web-page. With GeoFlash ASE and GeoFlash, a developer can convert a diverse set of maps and thereby incorporate them into their web site with ease and simplicity.

The ActionScript Extension (ASE) with GeoFlash allows the user to:
Create Interactive Maps in Macromedia SWF Format from the Standard ESRI ArcView Shape File Format or MapInfo MID/MIF Formats
Customize the applications to meet their diverse needs
Use the created maps with the supplied Template as an interactive Web Page
Incorporate part or all of the created SWF Format Maps into their Macromedia Flash MX environment.
Gain access to the GeoFlash hidden attributes inside the MacroMedia SWF Files.