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Geographical study of cities underway in Mexico

Mexico: Mexico commissioned a project, conurbation geographical studies, to improve urban planning in cities across the country. According to Francisco Garcia Mier, Head of the project, the objective of the project entitled Analysis of Regional Issues for Implementation of Land Bank Project is to study 140 cities in Mexico, in order to locate and manage land reserves where local governments seek to carry out urban development programmes linked to public policy infrastructure, water supply and housing finance.

The project of conurbations studied about 30 variables, among which watersheds, flood zones, faults, fractures, towns, land tenure, availability of underground water, urban, agricultural, forestry and livestock, all to suggest how cities should grow.

To capture and analyse such information, a multidisciplinary team of conurbations, consisting of biologists, geographers and engineers are turning to the field investigation, analysis of aerial photographs and satellite, as well as database analysis, using GIS.

Source: homedailynews.com